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What is Credit Repair?

Credit repair refers to the process of disputing errors and mistakes in your credit reports. Each credit bureau maintains its own version of your credit report. They strive to keep accurate information, but errors can occur. Credit repair is the process you use to correct those errors by submitting a dispute to the credit bureau that issued that report.

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Why is good credit important?

Good credit is essential to many of life’s milestones. You need it to secure a home loan, access better insurance rates, and possibly even get a job. Bad credit, then, can keep you from getting ahead in life—and it’ll cost you. You’ll feel the pinch most when borrowing money, as it will subject you to higher interest rates on credit cards and loans.

Credit Repair Consultation Process


Through evaluating your credit, we will be able to point the exact items on your credit report that are responsible for hurting your score.


In most cases, credit repair may take a while, and a comprehensive plan will be created to clarify your credit problems in a timely manner.


As the credit bureau’s remove errors from your account your score will slowly increase. It is important that you continue to pay bills on time so not to counter act the increase.

Some of our Awesome Testimonials

“Before, I was stressed and exhausted from being turned down from lender to lender. From now on, I’m in the home buying phase. I have more confidence and feel more secure.”

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Danielle A

“Thanks for cleaning up my credit report. My credit score increased enough for me to qualify for a new house.”

bittersweetenterprises - Credit-repairt

Mary O. Randle

“ They helped me get out my credit reports, and they shared with me what was in them, and then addressed the problems for me. They wrote letters on my behalf and really made this a simple process with quick results.”

bittersweetenterprises - Credit-repairt

Lindo E. Olson